What is the best day of the week to move home?

You have found the perfect home, arranged the mortgage and everything is on track to exchange contracts. Before you agree to a date for completion, make sure you choose the best day to move – the day you think is the most obvious might cause you delays.

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Buying a home

Finding the home you have always dreamed of is a wonderful time, but it is only the start of a long legal process. From applying for a mortgage to getting the best conveyancing quotes and deciding on a removal company, there are lots of decisions to be made – and then there is the decision about which day of the week to move.


Getting the right conveyancing company is a great way to ensure the moving process runs as smoothly as possible. Your conveyancer will be working closely with you and the other parties’ solicitors or conveyancers to ensure everything is done correctly and at the right time. If you are looking at conveyancing quotes but are not sure which one to choose, consider which is most suitable for your sale or purchase.
Which day to move?

Friday is traditionally the favoured day of the week to move to a new house; after all, in an ideal world, the money will be transferred to the seller’s solicitor first thing, the removal company will turn up at your door on time, you will have the whole weekend ahead of you to unpack all those boxes – the contents of which you have probably already forgotten! – and you will return to work bright and fresh on Monday morning. This all sounds great, but are you sure that Friday is the best day to move?

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As it turns out, Friday is not a day recommended by many conveyancers because it is such a popular day for moving home. House purchase transactions will be happening across the banking world and it only takes a minor hiccup to throw everyone’s transfer window out. If you have done your research well and found a company from all those conveyancing quotes that understands the stress of moving to a new house, it may have already advised you about such potential moving day problems.

Removal company tips

Mid-week is often a slower time for removal companies, as the weekends are so busy, so talk to your removal company well ahead of time. By being flexible and choosing a mid-week moving day, you might even get a more competitive quote.

Taking it easy and planning your house move for mid-week rather than on a Friday could just prevent some of those last-minute moving hiccups.