Tiffany Ash – A Passionate Admirer of Music and Art

The COVID-19 lockdown have affected the lives of musicians across the globe drastically. Every nation saw the cancellations of music festivals, the postponement of international tours, and the temporary shutting down of concert halls. However, a handful of musicians did not allow the Pandemic to take over their love for music and the passion for sharing it with the world. They took to social media and digital platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube to showcase their talent and entertain music lovers across the world.

Tiffany Ash is passionately in love with art and music. She firmly believes in the transformative and magical power of music. This is why she has dedicated herself to a life of music. She connects talented artists with audiences and uses the creative medium as an effective means to touch as many lives as she can.

She believes that working with the famous Jacksonville Symphony is the most blissful thing that has happened to her in life. She considers it to be one of her greatest accomplishments and joys in life. She has dedicated herself to helping this Orchestra to become a unique and distinguished cultural institution today. She has future plans to keep doing her best to make this non-profit organization grow and thrive in the future.

Not stopping their musical performances during the Pandemic

She believes that it is simply incredible when musicians started to perform and conduct virtual concerts online. However, with no live tours and concerts anymore. You might think as to how are they surviving in these challenging times of the Pandemic?

She says that those musicians who play in symphonies and orchestras in the USA face the brunt of the Pandemic in several ways. Even the communities in which they perform are unaware of this reality. Many musicians wished for a temporary and quick lockdown; however, the coronavirus Pandemic forced everyone to stay home. Even now, after the passing of many months, there have been cancellations of many concert shows and seasons, forcing several musicians to be out of a job now.

The plight of musicians today

She says that musicians across the world are hoping, more than ever now, to be back to their ensembles again. These artists do not play musical instruments alone. They also listen and feel. They depend upon their conductor and their community of fellow instrumentalists that surround them. They still believe in entertaining music lovers and churn out creative numbers to lift their listeners’ minds and spirits.

Tiffany Ash believes that performing in front of a live audience renders one a unique feeling of joy and satisfaction. Fortunately, audiences on digital platforms are forever interested in listening to and watching talented musicians perform together in an ensemble. Virtual concerts are now going viral on platforms like Facebook and Instagram. This is surely inculcating a deep sense of hope in musicians that they will find fulfillment during quarantine. Today, in the post Pandemic era, they hugely bank on these online platforms to reach out to their live audiences and connect with them through performing arts.