Our Soy Candle Fragrances

Pure Integrity Soy Candles

Our soy candles burn off cleanse, very last prolonged and burn evenly. Our Impressive Fragrance Technologies enables us to produce incredibly strong scented and good performing soy candles! Our fragrances also exceed the most stringent environmental specifications, such as California Proposition 65.
This suggests . . . extremely sturdy, pure, and surprisingly practical fragrances so that you can take pleasure in!

Under you’ll find a picture, description, hyperlink and scent toughness ranking of each of our soy candle fragrances we now offer you. Our Scent Strength ranking method relies with a vast majority’s interpretation of scent strength when burning. The encounter of fragrance may differ tremendously from 1 man or woman to another, as well as a single residence to a different. You might also love viewing our fragrances arranged by scent strength or by candle collections.

About Our Fragrances

We’ve taken lots of ways to supply the healthiest and ideal scented candle in the marketplace now! So that you can make a cleaner & more healthy candle, Pure Integrity goes way past just utilizing 100% purely natural soy wax and cotton wicks.
Our Progressive Fragrance Engineering will allow us to make use of far more fragrance than every other candle we know on the market. Therefore the scent throw is incredible. But you will also recognize how true our fragrances smell. We don’t make fragrances in exactly the same way since the market specifications; we make them much healthier and far better!
Most scented goods on the market, like most candles, include nothing at all but a bunch of synthetic chemicals. We didn’t want our spouse and children for being exposed to all of these toxins. Our authentic program was to make use of nothing but all-natural critical oils, essences and/or extracts. On the other hand, The majority of these natural components will not be steady of their organic point out when burning. Many of them are extremely flammable; some are unstable and therefore are altered when subjected to heat; some will burn off and so toss little to no scent; and just a few of these natural substances keep on being within their pure condition.
As a result, we developed a know-how to just take several normal compounds and make them secure when burning. To perform this we use a variety of organic compounds and stable artificial natural and organic compounds to produce fragrances that aren’t only healthier but smells much better! We use several Exclusive strategies to isolate and stabilize the ideal scented compounds.
All our Revolutionary Fragrances are established to become phthalate totally free and exceed the most stringent environmental requirements, such as California Proposition 65.
I would like to go just one stage further more in speaking about the wellness benefits of Pure Integrity Candles. Contrary to popular belief, most soy candles are not even soy. Most soy candles use a small amount of soy wax and blended with paraffin wax (and that is made out of petroleum oil). But, they could legally get in touch with it soy wax. We use 100% all-natural soy wax, which can be made by including hydrogen to soybean oil, so as to make it good.


our candles are a hundred% vegan (no animal products and no animal testing).
When you are searching for an incredible scented candle that’s much healthier, then look no additional. Shoppers generally to start with check out our candles because they are wanting out for his or her household’s wellbeing, However they maintain returning as the Pure Integrity Candles smell improved. I believe when you burn up amongst our astounding candles you will never wish to return to Yet another model.Here we hand pour our Cape Cod Soy Candles

This just one not surprisingly you have no control over. However, the use of some important oils,(not all essential oils are Secure for use in candles), artificial scents, and other additives that almost all other candle brands hire, lead to candles that crank out a lot of soot and toxins. Things such as UV inhibitors, chemical compounds for making candles glance creamier, much more rigid, and so forth. The listing goes on and on. All of these chemical substances increase towards the toxicity as well as soot production of candles. Independent exams have demonstrated that some candles crank out one hundred times the amount of soot produced by other candles.