Joe Cianciotto Talks About The Important Qualities a Creative Director Should Have

A creative director basically is the professional who tends to be in charge of the creative department at advertising and marketing companies. They may even work for magazines, publications, digital marketing firms and so on. Joe Cianciotto points out that the key duties of creative directors include planning company advertisements, monitoring brand campaigns, as well as shaping brand standards. These professionals are also required to evaluate trends, assess new data and keep up-to-date with the latest marketing techniques, so that they are able to produce new, innovative and effective ideas for company branding and promotional campaigns.

A creative director has a major influence on the marketing and advertisement campaigns of a company. Joe Cianciotto mentions that modern businesses understand the value of a robust advertising campaign, and tend to invest a good sum of resources into it. To make sure that the firm is able to enjoy the best possible value for their money; the expertise of a skilled and talented creative director shall be needed. In addition to an abundance of creative talent, these professionals must also have the leadership skills needed to manage their team, while making sure that each of its members is per their optimal capability.

Here are some of the qualities of a good creative director as underlined by Joe Cianciotto:

  • Big ideas for simplifying problems: Rather than focusing on diverse advertising channels, creative directors should focus more on the ideas.  They must try to look for people who have the ability to simplify issues, and develop big ideas that come to life in several different ways.
  • Exceptional communication skills: Good communication skills are needed by almost all professionals today. However, these skills are doubly vital for creative directors as they serve as a link between the creative team of a company and its management. These individuals must be able to effectively communicate their ideas and directions, while also making sure that these ideas are implemented as per the requirements.
  • Alignment with the message and mission: The marketing strategy needed to be followed at a company would differ from one another, as per its sector, vision and mission. A creative director must be able to competently align the brand message of a company with its core mission, no matter the firm they are working for. They must have the creativity and flexibility to impeccably design advertising campaigns for a variety of firms, which effectively puts forward its brand message.
  • Resourcefulness: Resourcefulness and prompt thinking are important for any creative director. They should be able to handle the stress of constant change in the marketing and communications industry, and are not afraid to explore new trends. They should additionally have the capability to solve any issues of their team members as fast as possible, while effectively mentoring them to enhance their productivity levels.

The skills underlined above is highly valuable for any creative director, no matter which specific domain they work in.