How to Sell Your Jewellery

Many people sell their jewellery as a way of making some extra cash. It can be easy to do this, but finding the best price or where/who to sell jewellery to can be tricky. Here are some top tips on how to sell your unwanted items whilst getting the best price.

Do your research. There are many places that you can Sell jewellery Sydney. You could go to your high street jewellers or pawn shop and get a valuation. You can use a reputable online buyer who you send your gold off to. You could ask friends and family round for a selling or trading party. You could also attend a local bootfair and have your own stall. There are advantages and disadvantages of all these options. The best thing about selling to an online buyer is that many will send your gold back to you if you are not happy with the offer. The disadvantage of selling at a bootfair or to a friend is that you could undersell the price of Satoshily your jewellery without even realising it.

Shop around. If you do sell to a gold buyer then visit a few before deciding who to sell to. Start off on the high street and see how much your local jeweller will offer you. Then look at reviews of an online gold buying company and send your gold off to them. See what valuation they give you; if it’s better, then sell that gold necklace to them! If not, then ask to be returned and return to your local jewelry.

Items may be more valuable when dismantled. It is often better to sell gold and stones separately. If you want to sell your gold ring, then more often than not it is worthwhile taking the stone out. You then send gold to be valued by itself, and sell stones separately too. This is because the gold is smelted down and buyers don’t have the time to pick stones out. It is more favorable for you to separate different parts and get them valued individually.

Finally, make sure you definitely want to sell your jewellery! You need to understand that once it is sold and smelted, you cannot buy it back. Even a pawn shop may not sell it back to you, and if they do they’ll want more than they paid for it originally. Once you are happy and have sold your items, enjoy the cash you receive. Some ideas to spend it on include new jewellery, a holiday, bills and birthday presents.

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