Giving Your Regards to Broadway: A Guide from Arlo Hotels

As the pandemic fades, Broadway shows are expected to reopen this Summer. With the return of Broadway, this will revitalize the NYC theater scene as performers can once again dazzle audiences who come from around the world to experience their magic. At Arlo Hotels, we love the theater and recommend that our guests try to experience a show as its suchan integral part of the New York City experience.

The Theater district is named after the street Broadway, a 13-mile road that runs through Bowling Green, through Manhattan and into the Bronx, and then continues through Westchester County before it ends in Sleepy Hollow about 18 miles later. Only a handful of theaters in Manhattan are located on Broadway, but the name still symbolizes NYC performing arts.

Our expert staff at Arlo Hotel recommend several tips for Broadway first timers who want to get the very most out of their experience. The first step is to figure out the type of show that will suit your tastes. From comediesto musicals and dramas, there are a slew of shows to choose from. If you’re with your family, then consider a musical show that isn’t overly long so you can keep the interest of shorter attention spans. If you’re on a date, then pick a more romantic or serious show, or perhaps one that presents a classic love story.

The next step is to understand the theater that’s running your chosen show. Some might offer obstructed view seats or box areas that get you close to the action. Do some online research to read reviews to find the “best seats in the house” that match with your budget and needs – Our staff is happy to assist with any of your planning needs Other considerations include accessibility concerns about the theatre, including if you need to go up flights of stairs or if there is wheelchair access. To purchase tickets, often the easiest path is through the theater’s official website, which will often offer discounts during slower periods. You can also use third-party apps to find last-minute deals or visit one of the ticket kiosks in Times Square that feature half-price or more discounts.