Expand Your E-Commerce Operation By Operating A Web based Order Management System

A web-based order management system is a software platform that e-commerce companies operate to process their orders online. The system automates and streamlines the business operations necessary to ensure their final products reach the end-users.

Without this system, the companies’ employees have to manually record the information relating to the execution of these online purchase orders. Then, they have to track, notify and provide updates to the customers on the status of their orders. Initially, these manual processes might not pose any problems for e-commerce companies. However, the risk of avoidable clerical errors increases as these corporate enterprises expanding their operations.

Why is a web based order management system necessary for e-commerce companies?

A suitable web-based order management platform allows the companies to automate the following internal business operations within their supply chains:

  • Accept online customer orders and payments irrespective of the sales channel online buyers use,
  • Re-direct the sale orders to warehouses which are proximity to customers’ destination,
  • Update the software platform’s inventory module to ensure it reflects the exact figure on all the sales channels,
  • Provide all the relevant sale order details to warehouses or third-party logistics providers for their fulfillment,
  • Generate timely online status updates to allow customers and sales representatives to monitor the online orders, and
  • Forecast timely stock re-order updates when the inventory falls below the danger levels to prevent stock-outs.

The web based order management system the companies operate for the businesses should integrate easily with their back-office accounting solutions. This ensures the instant generation of customer invoices and acceptance of online payments from Internet buyers after every successful sale. Moreover, the platform should also simultaneously update the cash book, general, account receivable, and account payable ledgers.

Why invest in an order management software platform?

Online companies operating in the e-commerce sector need a web-based order management software solution for the following reasons:

  • Revamping and streamlining their entire customer order processing system to the demands of Internet buyers,
  • Managing, updating, and controlling their business inventory effectively,
  • Managing and monitoring the multiplying sale channels constituting their supply chain efficiently,
  • Ensuring a significant reduction in clerical errors, which are inherent in the manual system,
  • Taking advantage of the emerging growth opportunities arising in the e-commerce sector,
  • To coordinate the activities of their third-party logistic service providers and employees in different warehouses, and
  • Have a platform that offers the top managerial officials real-time business intelligence data to make important decisions.

Operating a web based order management system allows online companies in the e-commerce sectors to automate their customer order fulfillment processes. This helps in significantly minimizing the occurrence of clerical errors when executing online sales orders. The system enables buyers to place their purchase orders at their convenience and get timely status updates. This helps to boost customer satisfaction and ensures further engagement from buyers.

However, companies should be careful when it comes to selecting the right order management platform. The solution they choose should be user-friendly, have the latest artificial intelligence features and integrate into their IT infrastructure seamlessly. Moreover, their price should be within the companies’ budget allocations too.