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Do you often wonder what it would take to optimize and improve your ability to perform? Or, maybe you feel like your sex life is being negatively affected by your body… or your biology? Do you find yourself worrying whether you may have a sexual dysfunction, or are simply not “equipped” to please your partner in the way you know they want? The truth is, as you probably already know, all of these fears and phobias are quite common, and are easily overcome with information and eduction. extenze

In this article we are going to take a quick and easy look at what YOU can do to optimize and improve your sexual performance, as well as taking a quick peek at some of the major myths and misinformation that lead many men down the wrong path as well. Interested? Let’s take a closer look, immediately below.The most important facts FIRST:Most men will have some sort of sexual challenges, or issues… over the course of our lives. The most common issues are those that deal with erection size and strength, which is a function of both your BIOLOGY, (your body) and your beliefs (your psychology).