Arie Eric De Jong – Sharing His Love and Passion for Photography

Some professionals love to share recommendations and tips to help those who wish to embrace art as a career or a hobby when it comes to photography. The posts that these photographers write have the objective to help others excel in the art with their tips. Thanks to them, people are able to get correct and simple advice from experts.

Arie Eric De Jong is from San Diego, and he likes to write about Instagram, events, and portrait photography on his social media pages. He also reviews cameras for different places and settings. He also discusses and writes about his favorite photographers and cameras and shares them with his readers.

Currently, he is a professional photographer and specializes primarily in event and portrait photography. He is also mastering the art of photography on Instagram so that he can keep pace with modern times. He also likes to meet talented aspiring photographers and is fond of capturing moments with his beloved camera.

Avid blogger

He likes to write blog posts about photography and considers himself to be a true lensman. He explains the key techniques of photography to those professionals who are new to the art. He loves to write his opinions and views on different camera models and other popular equipment that one needs for photography. He says that he loves to write, and it is an enjoyable activity for him. His major goal is to help beginners and other hobbyists to commence their own photography projects.

He also loves to discuss the work of his favorite photographers too on his blog. He has studied the work of people that have come before him, and he claims that his personal aesthetic has been shaped by the photography work of some great lensmen who were not afraid to make stunning explorations with their cameras.

Why is investing in the right camera and equipment important?

He says that it is a really expensive hobby when it comes to photography, which is why you need to have the right camera and equipment to capture photographs of your subject properly. Some new photographers use second-hand equipment and cameras to practice photography. This is a wise step as you need to know how to take photographs properly before you finally invest in the right camera model.

Arie Eric De Jong also says that you can also use your smartphone camera to click pictures. They often have filters to improve their appeal and quality. With the right camera settings, you can click amazing pictures. This is why you should be aware of the features of your camera so that when you capture images, you do not have to fumble for the right setting modes. He says that he has written a lot of reviews on camera models, and they can be found on his blog. Besides this, he also has shared some tips about photography so that you can practice and become a pro in no time!