Are More RAM Modules Greater for Gaming?

It truly is common to have this kind of issue debated in tech discussion boards, so nowadays we’re having a look at the functionality impression of having 4 DDR4 memory modules inside of a twin-channel method, against just two modules. During this situation all modules are functioning at the same frequency, use precisely the same timings, and supply the identical overall memory capability.
Dual-channel platforms which include AMD’s AM4 or Intel’s LGA1151 demand two matched memory modules for twin-channel operation, adding a 2nd pair will only expand memory capacity and gained’t improve you to definitely quad-channel memory, for that you just’d require a Threadripper or Cascade Lake-X processor.
Having said that, we have seen assessments all around showing an increase in performance by incorporating two extra modules, allegedly without having raising memory frequency, or bettering timings.

DIMM Module Rank Configurations

This can give the 4 DIMM module configuration an advantage as it will allow quite a few open DRAM webpages in Each and every rank. Even though the ranks can’t be accessed at the same time, they can be accessed independently and What this means is the controller can send publish data to 1 rank, though it waits for browse data previously selected from Yet another rank.
Exactly how much of the influence this has on general performance will depend on the appliance along with the memory controller’s power to make use of open pages. But what all This suggests is, Sure it’s probable for four modules to enhance overall performance around two modules inside a twin-channel program.
Demonstrating that we’ll evaluate a number of benchmarks done utilizing a Main i9-9900K and Ryzen 9 3900X processor. Supporting this investigation is Workforce Team with their T-Force Vulcan Z DDR4-3000 memory. They’ve delivered two 8GB modules in addition to four 4GB modules, all utilizing the same timings.


To start with up We now have Get in touch with of Duty: Modern Warfare exactly where we see no discernible difference between two and 4 RAM modules, for both equally AMD and Intel twin-channel platforms. This is probably the kind of performance you’d anticipate to discover In most cases, but it really’s not usually the case.
It’s an identical story with Shadow in the Tomb Raider. The Intel system noticed up to a four% functionality Raise, definitely not significant, but it had been a variance that we could reproduce repeatedly. On Ryzen it didn’t make any difference, two or four modules produced a similar final result.
Tests with Assassin’s Creed Odyssey was appealing, we saw gains for each AMD and Intel when working with 4 memory modules. The Main i9-9900K’s performance was boosted by as much as seven%, and five% to the Ryzen nine 3900X. Clearly twin-rated memory is of benefit in this title, at the very least under these circumstances. A formidable 1% lower efficiency bring about Far Cry New Dawn Using the 9900K. Functionality was boosted by nine% and although the average body charge is barely enhanced, it’s nonetheless possible you’d see the amplified one% low body charge. The Ryzen nine 3900X procedure was constantly some frames quicker with four RAM modules, although not into the diploma in which you’d discover a variation.

Wrap Up

Setting up 4 memory modules in the twin-channel procedure can strengthen overall performance in specified eventualities. Even so it ought to be built distinct that this may not automatically translate into a 5-seven% functionality boost in game titles. For that to come about you’ll want to be a lot more CPU limited than GPU limited Which’s not often the case when employing very good graphics good quality configurations or hardware configurations.speakers(zvučnici)
One example is, we ended up tests that has a GeForce RTX 2080 Ti at 1080p. Growing the resolution to 1440p will very likely result in neutralizing any benefit we just noticed With all the two more modules as video games develop into predominantly GPU sure. The exact same can be true at 1080p utilizing a lesser graphics card.
It’s also well worth noting that four modules may Restrict memory effectiveness while in the feeling that you simply might not be able to obtain precisely the same frequency and timings that you could potentially with just two modules. To put it differently, a straight comparison results in being very tough to make as There are a selection of variables that need to be thought of.
The Ryzen 9 3900X is limited to DDR4-2933 when applying 4 modules, Whilst AMD’s Formal spec states the CPU will cope with DDR4-3200 with just two modules. According to how fantastic the silicon is, the integrated memory controller could do a lot better than that. Our chip handles suitable nearly DDR4-3600 CL16 memory with four modules, but whatever the Restrict, the point is, it’ll go bigger with just two modules.